August 14, 2018

Reaction to Five Bells for 9/11 from Ground Zero helper

I watched your 'Five Bells for 9/11' with great interest (and EMOTION). My California community sent me to 9/11 where I worked directly next to Ground Zero to provide sanitation, healthy food and liquid supplies for the NYFD Fireworkers, NYPD and New Jersey's 'Wall of the Blue', EMT's, and so many others because the Red Cross and Salvation Army supplies and personnel 24/7 demands each month afterwards were rapidly depleting. Like everyone else, I worked 22/7 (two hours sleep) for months whereby in between those triple shifts God opened the door to train at the Billy Graham Crisis Center in order to offer Grief Counseling to assist our public servants whose minds, memories, and entire lives were shipwrecked with tumultuous oceans of PTSD. Inside the front cover of my Bible holds one of my most cherished reminders for ongoing prayer to this day: the signatures of those Firemen and NYPD and NJPD I was privileged to assist.
--Barbara X Smith
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