October 11, 2015

Reaction from The Messenger's Box

I WAS IMPRESSED ! ! ! You were shown right at the start on the spiral stone steps giving the box to Simon. You looked just perfect; terrific face shot with those special features and eyes that you have. I remember also the excellently appropriate voice you have---just perfect for the part. I wish now that I would have watched the filming of the crucifixion that day after talking with you while the "bloody" makeup was being done. I thought the script, acting, editing, and musical score were very well done. The entire creation was very well done and far exceeded my expectations.
-- Ralph Dixon
Macomb, MI
After the world premiere of The Messenger's Box

Playing Jesus with Joseph Ouellette.
A screenshot from the world premiere of The Messenger's Box
by Tricia Ouellette and used by permission of her and director Gary Bosek.

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