October 23, 2014

FAR exceeded any expectations

Rich, I don't know if I ever officially thanked you for all that you've done! Being able to go to MasterWorks was a dream come true, and it happened only through God's Providence! And MW FAR exceeded any expectations I had! I was floored when I saw all the talent that I was getting a chance to work with. I don't think I've ever felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so poignantly before, and I know that I've never experienced Him so personally before! My life is changed! Not to mention the AMAZING friends I made there, and more than just friends--lifelong brothers and sisters! And I've never felt so completely satisfied and happy with a theatrical production before! MW was a mind-blowing, amazing experience. Praise God! And thank you for allowing HIm to use you! You have no idea what kind of an impact you made on all of us!!! God bless. :)
--Bernie Bernhardt

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