September 11, 2014

MasterWorks Theatre

Here are some of the things that were said anonymously by our MasterWorks theatre students on their exit questionnaires:


"MasterWorks has blessed me beyond what I dreamed possible. This is a beautifully annointed place, and I'm so glad to have been able to attend. I have never wanted to come back to a camp before, but I do pray (if it fits in God's plan) that I can come back. I will certainly recommend it..."

"I was encouraged to be around so many Christian artists; especially those with careers further along than my own."

"I learned to trust God more."

"I learned how to read a script for its ministry value; to evaluate every character as a spiritual being, and to be mindful of preparing my spirit for the role."

"I learned a lot about trust and humility."

"I really enjoyed how everything, even our art, was focused on God."

"The quiet time is a habit I had needed to set in my life, and that helped immensely. The quiet time I've had with the Lord has/is/will always be precious."

"I learned to let go and not ever worry about whether you look silly on stage or not."

"I learned to infuse prayer any time it's necessary/whenever I feel led."

"I enjoyed how often we took the time to pray and worship. That helped keep me focused on what's important."

"I loved learning to focus on God in the context of performing."

"I learned the power of prayer and standing up for what you believe."

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