March 31, 2014

Why did my eyes drip water?

We all watched Indescribable and are so blessed! Our four-year-old said he didn't know why, but it made his eyes drip water. We told him that was because you both did such a good job telling the story. Our 15-year-old went right to the hymnal afterwards and started playing "The Love of God" on the piano. Thank you so much! 

Jonah, JONAH!!! Wow. We laughed so hard! Our eldest was close to the stage when the whale "vomited" Jonah out.  He could not believe how high you jumped from all fours!  Slapping each other with the fish was GREAT!  Everybody laughed and thought that was great.  Thank you so much for putting character and skin to the Bible.  We seriously hope to see you again.  

--Zack and Dawn and children
San Antonio, TX
(Jonah, from Big Fish Little Worm, was performed at the Christian Worldview Film Festival)

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