December 15, 2009

Sociodrama workshop

I met with a young actor from LA who took your Sociodrama workshop at the CITA ( conference at Azusa Pacific with me. We talked at length about how profitable that was for us. I use what I learned from you in my classes at our local high school, so your influence continues!

When CITA asked for feedback from the conference, I requested that you do a whole track, rather than just the one session. I thought it was the most valuable thing I did that weekend - exploring the dynamics of the relationship between Jojo and his parents [from Seussical] and determining the origin of the famous feud in Romeo and Juliet added physicality and emotion to be carried into a performance, rather than just 'head' work.

Being able to interpret for people in conflict brings the safety of actors who are not involved emotionally together with the affirmation of the reality of the intensity of the conflict to those involved, so they are able to say, 'Yes! That's how I feel! Now you get it!' Mirroring their situation in an honoring, compassionate way - brilliant.

--Bobbie Helland
San Diego, CA

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