June 12, 2009

Redemption and laughs

We all need a reminder of what God can do through a devoted soul, and there is no better way to draw close to that than by watching Rich Swingle perform this miraculous one-man show.  It's not just the layers Rich brings out of the characters, not just his command as an actor playing multiple roles, it isn't just the fine writing -- it's that God's spirit is present from beginning to end as Rich draws us into Eric Liddell's heart.  I marvel at the depth of this performance and the power in this play.  As a former runner, I loved how the intensity of running was captured on a small stage.  Beyond the Chariots will take you through joy, pain, and redemption with laughs along the way.  What it will not do is leave you untouched. 

--Joan Bauer, novelist
Author of Hope Was Here, Stand Tall, and Rules of the Road
Awards: Newbery Honor Medal, the LA Times Book Prize, the Christopher Award

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