February 19, 2009


Rich did his "Views from a Manger" one-man play for our church, Lagrange Christian Assembly in Lagrange, IL, this past Christmas. I really appreciated the fact that he was able to weave deep Biblical truths into the fabric of this very entertaining performance. i.e. One of Rich's many characters points out that, understood in the cultural context of Abraham's day, God's action of walking through the pieces of the sacrifice while cutting covenant with Abraham designates that God himself is the covenant keeper. This role was usually reserved for the lesser king in the covenant who had the burden of keeping to the terms of the covenant or bearing the consequences.
This was a wonderful foreshadowing of how God made himself less as a baby in a manger in order to bear the burden of keeping his covenant with mankind, on the cross. It was an energetic and insightful performance. 
--Renee R

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